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CISA Circuitos Impresos S.A.

Our history

Located in central Spain since 1965, with facilities covering 6,000 square metres, CISA, Circuitos Impresos, S.A. is a leader and pioneer in the development and manufacture of printed circuit boards, as well as their design and assembly.

Our well-established and adapted structure, coupled with continual expansion in terms of capacity, means we can meet any market needs effectively and efficiently. We have a strict quality control policy in place, and can adapt to any need.

We always produce the very best results

At CISA, our highly qualified staff are fully dedicated to ensuring your project is a complete success. Since 1965, we have been successfully producing solutions to new demands and overcoming the challenges that arise due to the constant evolution of our sector.

We are manufacturers and suppliers of complete solutions for the PCB world, and can meet all your requirements, from the design stage all the way through to the manufacture, assembly and programming stages.

Our Beginnings
Our Beginnings

We can take up your project at any point you choose, and take it however far you need.

Our ten guiding principles:

  1. We want satisfied customers.One of our core strategies is to ensure the high quality of our PCBs and the services that we provide.
  2. It’s the customer who marks the measure of our quality. The customer’s opinion of our products and services is decisive.
  3. Our customers not only judge the quality of our products, but also that of the service we provide. Deliveries have to be on time.
  4. Queries, offers and samples must be dealt with quickly and scrupulously. Lead times must be met at all costs.
  5. All members of the workforce play their part in ensuring that our quality standards are met. That is why it is the mission of everyone, from apprentices to senior management, to produce impeccable work..
  6. Each job must be done properly from the outset.This not only improves our quality, it helps reduce costs, benefiting customers and the company alike. Quality increases profitability.
  7. The quality of our products also depends on the raw materials purchased from third parties. We demand maximum quality from our suppliers and support them in meeting the necessary standards of quality.
  8. Meeting our quality targets is an important part of senior management’s work. When assessing how the various components of the company are operating, particular attention is paid to the quality of the work.
  9. Not only do defects need to be eradicated, their causes also need to be eliminated. Preventing defects takes priority over correcting them.
  10. 10. Our quality guidelines are binding. Any additional requirements established by our customers must also be taken into account.
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At CISA we take care of the entire process.



We have an R&D&I department formed of highly qualified engineers and technicians producing turnkey projects.


We’ve been manufacturing printed circuit boards since 1965, and are the leading Spanish company in this field.


We have assembly lines that are perfectly adapted to whatever specifications and technical requirements your project may have.

The company

At CISA we are able to respond effectively and efficiently to market needs, with strict quality control standards in place.


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